Service & Repairs

Bike repairs

All repairs for your bike

If the bike ist not picked up on the agreed collection date, a daily fee of CHF 9 will be charged.

Works outside of the service offerings will be billed separately.

Installation of third-party products +25%

Offer Price
Replace tire or tube CHF 25.00
Tubeless mount incl. milk CHF 40.00
CUSH CORE mount incl. milk CHF 60.00
Spoke replacement Price according to effort
Center wheel, truing stand CHF 35.00
Convert to tubeless per wheel CHF 60.00
Offer Price
Brake adjustment CHF 25.00
Replace brake disc CHF 30.00
Replace brake pads CHF 30.00
Brake line replacement CHF 80.00
Brake line replacement (intergrated) Price according to effort
Complete brake assembly (front) CHF 80.00
Complete brake assembly (rear) CHF 90.00
Complete brake assembly (integrated) Price according to effort
Bleed brake incl. DOT/mineral oil CHF 45.00
Clean brake CHF 20.00
Brake disc straightening CHF 10.00
Offer Price
Replace switch cable CHF 30.00
Replace shift cable and sheath CHF 40.00
Front derailleur, shift cable and hull replacement, integrated CHF 60.00
Replace gearshift CHF 60.00
Adjust circuit CHF 25.00
Replace rear derailleur or front derailleur incl. adjust CHF 40.00
Straighten derailleur hanger CHF 40.00
Change derailleur hanger incl. adjust rear derailleur CHF 50.00
Offer Price
Mount headlight / taillight CHF 20.00
Wiring lights Price according to effort
Light troubleshooting Price according to effort
Mount plug light CHF 10.00
Offer Price
Handlebar mount without replacing cables CHF 40.00
Mount handlebar incl. shift cover / replace cable CHF 120.00
Shorten handlebar CHF 40.00
Replace handles CHF 10.00
Replace handlebar tape CHF 60.00
Replace tax rate CHF 90.00
Remove/install control bearing and lubricate CHF 40.00
Replace fork incl. shorten shaft etc. CHF 120.00
Replace stem CHF 25.00
Offer Price
Replace motor pinion CHF 40.00
Remove / install motor CHF 180.00
Software update + protocol CHF 30.00
Battery capacity test + protocol (BOSCH) CHF 30.00
Mount bike computer Price according to effort
Troubleshooting Price according to effort
Offer Price
Replace bottom bracket screwed CHF 60.00
Replace bottom bracket Press Fit CHF 80.00
Grease inner bearing CHF 60.00
Replace crankset CHF 40.00
Replace cassette CHF 25.00
Replace chainrings CHF 60.00
Replace pedals CHF 10.00
Replace pinion CHF 40.00
Replace chain CHF 25.00
Suspension fork / shock / seatpost service
Offer Price
Small fork service, excl.material. Without installation/removal CHF 60.00
Small damper service excl.material. Without installation / removal CHF 50.00
RS seatpost bleed CHF 45.00
Fork removal/installation CHF 40.00
Remove/install damper CHF 40.00
Adjust fork or damper CHF 10.00
Accessories mounting
Offer Price
Mount bike computer incl. setup CHF 40.00
Replace saddle CHF 10.00
Shorten seat post CHF 20.00
Installation dropper seatpost with remote Price according to effort
Mount seat post CHF 20.00
Assemble lock mounting CHF 10.00
Mount cleats CHF 10.00
Mudguard fixed mounting CHF 120.00
MARSH GUARD mount CHF 10.00
Mount stand Price according to effort
Miscellaneous works
Offer Price
Various services - hourly rate CHF 120.00
Noise elimination Price according to effort
Test ride CHF 10.00
Cost estimate Price according to effort
Mount trailer hitch CHF 25.00
Mount luggage rack Price according to effort
Mount panniers or basket Price according to effort
Clean bike, clean drive, lubricate CHF 60.00

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